horse buggy
horse buggy

Princess Horse Buggy For Sale

  1. Item:TH–12
  2. Size:3.65*1.55*2.4 m
  3. Capacity:6 seats
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Horse Buggy

This hollow pumpkin horse buggy is mainly made of pure white, and the lines are used to form various sizes of love shapes to give you full love.


This horse buggy has a full sense of love energy, suitable for princess theme parks and weddings.

Horse Buggy

horse buggy

[Specification] (Also Can be Customized)

1.Structure:High quality steel plate, tube, and squared steel, also the metallic welding structure. Smooth, concise and very firm structure with a very harmonious proportion. The whole full steel structure fully reflect the nobel, luxury, steady and generous style of classic European style carriage.
2. Surface Process: Epoxy Zinc-Rich primer, Advanced Automobile Baking Vanish Paint with excellent gloss and luminance, lasting for very long time without any fading.
3. Seats: Using the advanced precise sponge (can withstand heavy load without collapse), Using the high quality leather. 1 seat for groom, back seats can hold 4-6 person.
4. Direction Turning: Using the tailor-made steering shaft as the turning system.
5. Brake: Car step disc brake and manual brake.
6. Damping: Using the automobile spring steel plate, each carriage have 6 damping plates.
7. Wheel shaft: Bearing wheel hub and shaft.
8. Wheel: All tailor-made especially for carriage use and meet the international standards. Using steel tube and plate as raw materials.
9. Tires: Carriage use solid natural rubber tires, durable, heat-resistance, antiskid, anti-corrosion, anti-static.
10. Decorations: synthetic resin materials
11. All carriages can be changed into the Electric Power Driven
12. Warranty: 2 years

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