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Small train —— Classic Family Fun Equipment

It is no stranger to mention the small train rides. There are lovely elephant trains, colorful marine trains, antique trains with retro literary atmosphere. The small train is a kind of amusement facility made on the basis of a real train. The small train is for children to play, and it is a kind of amusement equipment with a relatively high safety factor.

The small train generally consists of four carriages, one head and three carriages. The front can take 1-2 people. Each carriage can accommodate 4-6 people.

The materials used in the small trains are still durable glass-steel materials, which are not only stable but also bright and durable. However, many trains are now more unique in design and more sophisticated in their production.

It is generally used in shopping malls . In the amusement park, it can drive the profit of other amusement equipments and add a different kind of scenery to the playground.Therefore, in many large-scale amusement parks, small trains are very popular parent-child amusement equipment.

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