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Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale

  1. Area size:10*14 m
  2. Max swing degree:45°
  3. Voltage: 380V
  4. Power:14 kw
  5. Passenger:24 seats


Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale

Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale,is a kind of using the combination of external hull for reciprocating swing large recreational machinery. Passengers on proliferation of pirate ship, the fight between the waves and alternation of weightlessness and overweight feeling, bring you a breathtaking, stimulation at the same time, also bring a relaxed feeling, let a person aftertaste endless.

The recreational machinery is safe and reliable, simple operation, easy installation, use of low noise characteristics.

The working principle
start the motor, drive the tire through the driving force, and drive the hull back and forth under the action of friction force. Once it is pushed up to the highest position of the hull, the motor is stopped and driven, and the hull is in the inertia free swing stage. When the ship speed is low, the brake cylinder is opened to raise the brake tire, the brake tire is pressed against the bottom friction plate, the brake is forcibly braked, and the hull is stopped after several swings.

• Product material: FRP, high quality steel.

• Applicable people: large pirate ships are suitable for adults over 12 years old, mini pirate ships are used for children aged 5-12

• Product advantages: standard accessories produced by regular manufacturers, low durability and low failure rate, all glass fiber reinforced plastic products are painted with car paint, smooth and delicate paint surface, long-lasting use time, not easy to fade. The equipment is meticulous, safe and reliable, and is well received by customers.

Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale is widely used in playgrounds, shopping malls, plazas, parks, ecological scenic spots, etc.

Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale

Amusement Rides Pirate Ship For Sale

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