hully gully ride

Park Attraction Ballerina Dancing Ride For Sale

  1. Diameter:10 m
  2. Height:4.5 m
  3. Platfrom height:0.8 m
  4. Voltage: 380V
  5. Power:11 kw
  6. Passenger:24p


Hully gully rides,also called ballerina turntable dancing rides,is a big rotary thrill amusement rides.Its working principle is that the rotation of the disc at different angles and different speeds gives people the feeling of weightlessness.

After continuous development, our company’s hully gully rides are divided into two types: side-by-side bench styles and seat-out styles.

The rides can be rotary with the speed form slow to fast following the strong musical beats.The arms also could lift up and down.When it’s working,the different motions of turntable and arms combines together to give people the feeling as flying up or down/fast or slow.

Now it’s very popular for Europe,America and Asia,due to its attractive and value for making money.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor playground,theme park,etc.

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