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Flying UFO Ride For Sale

  1. Passengers: 20 Person or customized
  2. Diameter for turntable: 5.6m
  3. Height: 7.6 m
  4. Speed: 11.9m/s
  5. Coverage: 30m*10m
  6. Electricity: 380v 50kw



Flying UFO is a new kind of disco coaster amusement rides,which is also called as Flying Disco or Magic Bowl rides.Flying UFO rides consists of a giant firsbee turntable and a sliding track.

When it works,the firsbee turntable rotates from slow to fast and slides from the bottom to the highest point of the track.At the same time, colorful LED lights will shine with the dynamic music and make the park to be a big party.

The sudden fast and slow,ups and downs with countless changes, brings the passengers the most magically thrilling feelings.It always can attract lots of tourists,so the return you get will far exceed your investment.

It is popular by the younger all over the wold,suitable for the big amusement parks, theme parks, outdoor playgrounds, carnivals.


1.Safe Device:(with quadruple Insurance)
1>Safety-Bar with high-density foam, feel more comfortable and be more safe.
2>Professional aerial safe belt, better quality and better protection.
3>The wireless control cabin with frequency converter, which make the two frequency motors more powerful and safety.
4>The four safe spare wheels will keep the equipment away from the emergency situation.                                                  5>PLC Touch Screen Control Panel.
2.Steel structure has been polished by twice time, the painting of the production looks smooth and shining.
3.Luxury decorations and many LED lights make the production more attractive and shining.

This Flying UFO Rides would be a valuable investment for you enlarging your park or playground business.

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