rock and roll rides 00

New Rides Rock Roll Rides

  1. Voltage:380V/220V
  2. Power:25KW
  3. Equipment size:9.8*9.8*4.5m
  4. Running Height:1.85m
  5. Area Size:12*12m
  6. Passengers: 16 person
  7. Arm:8 arms
  8. Speed:4 r/min

Rock roll rides is one of new self-designed amusement equipment. 8 mechanical arms with the round wheel cabinet, 2 seats on each arm, in total 16 passengers. When start on the rides, the wheel cabinet will rotating in the big round track, speed up and down with musical beats, meanwhile each round wheel cabinet can be self-controlled by passengers by buttons. Then the cabinet itself will rotating in 360 degree. Safety and excited, quite playable. It is a very good investment for this new rides for your park updating.


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