6 seat pendulum ride

Kiddie Rides Mini Frisbee Pendulum

  1. Passenger: 6kids
  2. Dimensions: 4m*4.5m*4.2m
  3. Swing height: 1.4m
  4. Speed: 10 rounds/minute
  5. Coverage: 6.5m*5.5m
  6. Electricity: 380v/220v 9.5kw


The mini pendulum is the scaled-down version of the Big Pendulum. It is especially designed for kids. Its shape and decoration very beautiful with very bright colors. So the kids will like it very much. And also its use the electricity and cylinder combine control. In this way, the security and playability are enhanced to a large extent.

The rides are equipped with the circular gondola and the circular gondola rotates as it swings back and forth. The circular gondola can bob up and down to 90 or 120 degree, sometimes, even 360 degree. Riders on the mini pendulum ride which is in high speed rotary pendulum swings on reciprocating, can not help out with laughter exclaimed and have a strong centrifugal feeling. Sometimes, riders can have the feeling of weightlessness. The mini pendulum ride is truly a popular funfair rides and welcomed by many visitors in the parks.

Main Features of TOPS Mini Frisbee Rides:

1. Super quality with competitive price and various models.
2. Stainless steel and colorful FRP material, safety and reliable.
3. Attractive appearance and novel design, which is interesting and thrill.
4. Rich exporting experiences and best services: patiently and timely.
5. Professional manufacturing and shipping service.

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