electric royal carriage 00

Electric Horse Carriage TH–04

  1. Item:TH–04
  2. Front Wheel: 0.8m diameter
  3. Rear Wheel: 1.2m diameter
  4. 1X20ft Container
  5. Seats: 6 passengers


[Specification] (Also Can be Customized)

1.Structure:High quality steel plate, tube, and squared steel, also the metallic welding structure. Smooth, concise and very firm structure with a very harmonious proportion. The whole full steel structure fully reflect the nobel, luxury, steady and generous style of classic European style carriage.
2. Surface Process: Epoxy Zinc-Rich primer, Advanced Automobile Baking Vanish Paint with excellent gloss and luminance, lasting for very long time without any fading.
3. Seats: Using the advanced precise sponge (can withstand heavy load without collapse), Using the high quality leather. 1 seat for groom, back seats can hold 4-6 person.
4. Direction Turning: Using the tailor-made steering shaft as the turning system.
5. Brake: Car step disc brake and manual brake.
6. Damping: Using the automobile spring steel plate, each carriage have 6 damping plates.
7. Wheel shaft: Bearing wheel hub and shaft.
8. Wheel: All tailor-made especially for carriage use and meet the international standards. Using steel tube and plate as raw materials.
9. Tires: Carriage use solid natural rubber tires, durable, heat-resistance, antiskid, anti-corrosion, anti-static.
10. Decorations: synthetic resin materials
11. All carriages can be changed into the Electric Power Driven
12. Warranty: 2 years



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