break dance ride for sale

New Rides Break Dance Crazy Dance Ride For Sale

  1. Voltage:380V
  2. Power:18 KW
  3. Capacity:30 seat
  4. Area:11*11 m
  5. Height:5.5 m
  6. Speed:adjustable

Break dance rides,also named crazy dance amusement rides, is a rotating amusement equipment. There are 3 spinning turntable around the central axis, which is located in the big platform. Each turntable has 4 cabins and each cabin can accommodate 2 passengers.

Our new break dance ride has 30 seats, 12 cabins(24 seats) on 3 spinning turntables, and 3 cabins (6 seats) on the platform.It has a deluxe and gorgeous appearance with the colorful LED lights.It is manufactured with the thick and high quality FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic) and national standard steel.

When it is running ,will spin at a high speed,passengers feel like dancing in the air,very exciting.It is popular with young people all over the world.

At the same time, the break dance rides can also be customized to 32 seats, mainly used in a variety of theme parks. It will be your highest-yielding investment.

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