inflatable bumper car ride

Inflatable UFO Bumper Car For Sale

  1. Size:1.8*1.8*1.1 m
  2. Battery:2x12V,45An
  3. Power:500W
  4. Speed:0-2 m/s,adjustable
  5. Recharge:5 hours
  6. Running: 4–5 hours

Inflatable UFO Bumper Car

Inflatable UFO bumper car is the new generated product from the traditional bumper cars.It is integration of fiberglass car and inflatable tire, which is more playable for bouncing effect.It is decorated with RGB led lights and musical sound, making a very interesting atmosphere for players.

There are two types of inflatable bumper car: kids inflatable bumper car, suitable for children aged 5-12; adult inflatable bumper car, also known as parent-child bumper car, suitable for parents and children to operate together.

Inflatable UFO bumper cars are amusement equipment that every child must experience once. It is full of fun and confrontation. At the same time, it is safe and can be experienced with the family. It is the first choice for kids amusement equipment in many playgrounds.

Inflatable bumper cars has low requirements on the site and is suitable for indoor and outdoor playgrounds,such as park, zoo, shopping center plaza, playground, funfair and other open amusement places.

Inflatable UFO Bumper Car

Inflatable UFO Bumper Car

Inflatable UFO Bumper Car

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