trackless train for sale

Interesting Carnival Train Ride Thomas Trackless Kiddie Train For Amusement Parks

  1. Capacity:32 seat
  2. Speed:15–20 km/h
  3. Battery:10*12V
  4. Power:5 kw
  5. Running time:8 hour
  6. Charge time:7–8 hour

The new Thomas trackless train is the best quality train amusement rides in china.There are 1 locomotive and 2 wagons,each wagon with 4 rows, 4 person on each row,16 person per wagon, 32 person for 2 wagons.

Our factory adopts a new modeling process in the shell, each car has been carefully carved, coupled with simulation decorations, like an art treasure. Coupled with the cheerful music, the atmosphere is extremely lively, the theme is bright. It is loved by tourists, especially children.

The train operation is simple. Its appearance has the higher ornamental value,the style is more cartoon, the image is lifelike, very beautiful, the carriage is beautiful and generous and keep the childlike innocence.When it is running, coupled with the lovely animal shape at the top of the car, When the train starts slowly, it is really exciting and mysterious for the children.

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