Crazy Wave Ride
Crazy Wave Ride

12 Seats Crazy Wave Ride For Sale

  1. Area size: 12*6 m
  2. Height:5.6 m
  3. Running height:4.7 m
  4. Voltage: 380V
  5. Power: 13 kw
  6. Passenger: 12 seats
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Crazy Wave Ride

Crazy Wave Ride,also called Miami Trip ride,is a kind of reciprocating large-scale amusement equipment. A long row of seats is connected by two arms, and the whole movement is carried out on a plane perpendicular to the ground. Passengers sitting on the bench, with the rock music up and down around the rotation,rising and descending speed quickly, feel the overweight and weightlessness of the alternating, very irritating,and feel carnival atmosphere in the screaming.

This 12 seats Crazy Wave Rides is a customized dinosaur themed model for a European customer. The operating height can reach 5 m.The main colors are green and yellow, which correspond to the colors of the outdoor forest. The background wall is decorated with a realistic Tyrannosaurus Rex.The overall operation effect is excellent.

Our factory can customize the number of seats, running height, background wall, color, lighting,etc.Tell me your needs and customize the Crazy Wave Rides exclusively for you.

The Crazy Wave Rides is safe and stimulating, loved by children and youth,widely used in various parks, city parks, outdoor parks, amusement parks, and so on.

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