trackless train ride

Thomas Trackless Train Ride For Sale

  1. Capacity:24 kids
  2. Cabin:1 locomotive, 4 cabins
  3. Battery:12V*5, 150a
  4. Charging Time:8–10 hours
  5. Speed:6–20km/h
  6. Recharge Mileage:80 km
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Thomas trackless train

The Thomas Trackless Train, also known as the “electric trackless train”, consists of 1 locomotive and 3-4 cabins, can accommodate 18-24 children or adults, is a new type of amusement equipment, the number of compartments customers can choose.

The small train is simple to operate, pure electric drive, cute design, beautiful decoration&color, high ornamental value, the cabin body is made of special glass fiber reinforced, durable, the cabins model can be customized according to your requirement, trackless small trains can be widely used in tourist areas, pedestrian streets, parks, playground theme parks and many other places, making them the first choice for many scenic spots.

According to the design, the small train can be divided into royal train,elephant train, clown train, Thomas train, common soldier train, antique train and so on.

Thomas trackless train have gorgeous RGB lights, retro shape, loved by children and parents.Now it is essential recreational facilities for parks and shopping malls.

Thomas trackless train

Thomas trackless train

Thomas trackless train

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