Crazy Dance Ride
Crazy Dance RideCrazy Dance Ride

Luxury Crazy Dance Ride For Sale

  1. Area size:12*12m
  2. Voltage: 380V
  3. Power:16 kw
  4. Passenger:24 person
  5. Cabin:12 cabins

Crazy dance ride

Crazy dance ride, also named interstellar adventure rides,insider rides,shaker attractions, break dance ride,the russian customer call it “Шейкер“.It is our classic amusement equipment.

The operation mode adopts the forward rotation of the large turntable and the reverse rotation of the small turntable. Each cockpit rotates freely with inertia, and the cockpit flips up and down randomly, just like a space walk, which is exciting and exciting.

Luxury crazy dance ride has fashionable appearance, cool personality, equipped with RGD/LED lights, the lights flash with the speed of music.

Our factory has upgraded the configuration of the crazy dance ride, adding luxurious lights, background walls, and platforms to maximize the wonderful and exciting amusement experience for tourists.

Luxury crazy dance ride is mainly suitable for various outdoor indoor playgrounds, carnivals, etc.

crazy dance ride

Crazy dance ride

Crazy dance ride

Crazy dance ride

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