electric trackless train
fiberglass trackless trainfiberglass trackless train

Fiberglass Trackless Train For Sale

  1. Capacity:24 kids
  2. Cabin:1 locomotive, 4 cabins
  3. Battery:12V*5, 150a
  4. Charging Time:8–10 hours
  5. Speed:6–20km/h
  6. Recharge Mileage:80 km
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Fiberglass Trackless Train

Fiberglass trackless train is a popular amusement product of our company. Thanks to the plasticity of FRP materials, our company has many trackless trains with different shapes and colors. At the same time, we also accept customer customization.

Fiberglass trackless train can be widely used in shopping malls or large shopping center, and recreational area, walking street, parks, playgrounds, community park, zoo, amusement parks, and other places.

fiberglass trackless train

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